What is a Motoped?

The Motoped is a motorized bicycle. It uses a Honda xr50 or chinese clone engine and downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm.


Why put pedals on a motorcycle?

With pedals, and an engine not more than 50cc, it may be able to be ridden on the street as a motorized bicycle without motorcycle registration (the laws on this vary by state so check your local laws). The disadvantage of a motorized bike is you have a 30mph speed limit, but the advantage of a motorized bike is no registration & insurance and you get to ride in the bike lane, which can be a huge advantage over a motorcycle or car in an urban area with a lot of traffic and congestion. Another advantage a motorized bike has is parking, you can park it anywhere you can park a bike - bike rack, sidewalk etc. A motorcycle you could not legally ride up onto and park on the sidewalk. If you live in an area where parking is impossible, this is probably best benefit of all.


Why a Honda 4-stroke?

The Honda 4-stroke horizontal OHV motor is the most popular and most copied engine in the world. It was first introduced in the Honda mini-trail 50 in 1969 and is still being used today almost unchanged in the crf50. The Chinese have been making copies of the Honda for years now, with all kinds of variations in design and displacement, but all having the same motor mounts as the Honda. The Chinese copies of the Honda xr50 has spawned a whole group of minibikes called "pitbikes". The amount of aftermarket performance parts for the Honda xr50 and it's pitbike clones is endless.
  Yes, you could make a lighter and faster downhill motorized bicycle with a two-stroke engine, but 2-strokes are polluting and noisy, that's why they've been almost completely outlawed. The goal was to make a good reliable motorized mountain bike that uses a 4-stroke engine and the most readily available components from the motorcycle and mountain bike industries, with performance being the second goal.

More engine information is available here


Motoped specifications

Complete Motoped specifications are available here


What do I need to build my own?

At this time, Motoped is only selling the kit to build your own Motoped. We will provide you with a detailed list of off-the-shelf motorcycle and mountain bike parts that you will need to complete the build. The basics are a Honda xr50/pit bike 50 - 150cc motor, carburetor and throttle, gas tank and a few other parts for the motorcycle, and forks, brakes, rims, tires, spokes, cranks, and pedals for the mountain bike. Everything custom such as the frame, swing arm, jack shaft, bottom bracket, rear hub, etc. will be sold in the "Motoped Parts Kit ".

For exact part specifications, click here.

For a list of suggested parts and where to buy them, click here.


What good is it? It's not a motorcycle or a mountain bike.

Yes, a CRF450 is faster off road and a DH Mountain bike is faster downhill, but you can't ride a CRF450 on the street without registration, and the motoped is a hell of a lot faster uphill than a DH bike. The Motoped is extremely light and uses the latest in mountain bike suspension. This makes it a versatile bike with the same foot-print on the ground as most downhill mountain bikes. Riding it with the motor off on a steep trail feels like a heavy mountain bike. When the rider reaches the bottom of the trail, the motor can be turned on and the bike ridden on the road. NEVER ride bicycle trails with the motor on.

The Motoped is also a blast to ride on motorcycle trails and fire roads. It can be ridden surprisingly fast and is a lot of fun.

You can also get around town with maximum efficiency. The Motoped achieves 80-100 mpg.


How fast is it?

Any of the Honda or Import(Chinese) 50cc to 150cc horizontal ohc motors can be mounted to the Motoped frame. With a stock 50cc engine, it'll go about 30mph, when a 88cc big bore kit is used on these motors, they reach about 45 mph on the road. A 110cc-140cc engine would get you up to the 65mph range. The 4 speed transmission should be used for best results.


How does it work?

When the motor is on, the rider can either choose to pedal or not. Whatever is sending the most power to the jack shaft will turn the rear wheel. So the rider can also help the motor by pedaling.


Is it legal to ride on the street with the motor on?

Laws for motorized bicycles vary by state so we recommend reading up on your local area before hitting the road. However, in some states, motorized bicycles that are 50cc or under, automatic transmission, and is capable of pedal propulsion do not require registration. Some states allow motorized bikes in the bike lane and some don't, also, there is usually a 30mph speed limit on motorized bikes. Some other requirements like headlight, taillight and horn maybe needed, along with proper safety equipment.

Here is a good list of links for individual states laws: