What are the exact parts that I need to build a Motoped?


The engine can be any 1969 and up Honda mini trail-50 ,CT-70, SL-70, trail-90&110, xr50,crf50, or any of the chinese import pit bike 50 to 150cc horizontal ohc motors. Semi-auto or auto transmission is best - manuel clutch is difficult to use on a motoped because of no foot brake.

The frame comes with the kit, it is different than the stock xr50/pitbike frame. You cannot buy just the rear swingarm and put it on a xr50/pitbike frame. The motor mounts and tank/seat/body mounts are the same as an xr50/pitbike and will accept all of the standard xr50/pitbike componts.

The tank, radiator shrouds, seat, and rear fender are 2000+ Honda XR/CRF50 or chinese import/pit bike.

Front fork
The front fork is mountain bike. It should be a dual-crown fork with at least 7" travel. The head tube is 1 1/2" (49.6mm) which can be reduced to 1 1/8" with headtube reducer cups.The head tube is is 4.5" long. The fork should have a tall crown and a steerer tube at least 8" long with standard stem or about 7" long with direct mount stem.

Brakes are mountain bike - 51mm International Standard disc brake mounts. You should use at least an 8" rotor.

Hubs and Wheels
The rear hub is custom made and have to get from us. The rear hub is 36 hole, and the rear rim is 24". The front rim is standard 26" mtb

Cranks and bottom bracket
The bottom bracket is custom made, it's wider than a standard mountain bike. The cranks are mtb or bmx with square taper JIS interface. The cranks should be on the short side (160 - 170mm) to increase the pedal to ground clearance.

Rear shock
The rear shock can be a 9.5" eye to eye, 3" stroke mountain bike shock. Spring rate is around 450 lb for a 175 lb rider.

The exhaust system is custom made by us. If you try to use a standard pit bike(xr50) exhaust system the muffler winds up hanging down about 8" below the seat, so you have to do some rebending of the pipe and then make your own muffler hanger. We highly recomend using our exhaust system, it's tucked tight to the frame and gets routed through the subframe with the muffler under the rear fender, a must when riding with shorts on.

Kick Start Lever
Not all kick starters wiil work, it needs to be a curved folding style kickstarter. The kick start lever has to be curved and fold so that when the lever is kicked downward it clears the pedal spocket and chain that is directly below it.

List of suggested parts