Now a new American start-up is taking the engine-powered bicycle concept to new heights.
Byron Wilson, Motorcycle USA
Motopeds’ frame kit can transform your old Honda pit bike into this super fun moped of sorts.
Blake Conner, Cycle World
Motorized bicycles have been around for a long time, but it isn’t often that they’re as cool as the off-road-oriented contraption called the Motoped.
Damon Lowney, Autoblog
Motoped, a Frankenstein’s monster built from the parts of his too-serene mountain bike and a small four-stroke engine from a Honda CRF50, all tied together by a custom spine.
Chris Cantle, Road & Track
This Motoped conversion kit allows you to transform that old pedal powered 2 wheeler into a gas powered adventure vehicle that’s ready for anything
Motorized bicycles have already enjoyed a long and illustrious history – but there haven’t been too many off-road-oriented units that could be taken seriously. Enter the Motoped.
Half BMX, half motocross, this is the Motoped: a strangely perfect hybrid bike for just about anyone.
Hanaan Billington, Mobillife


What is a Motoped?

The Motoped is a high quality motorized bicycle at a great price. It uses a 49cc to 155cc 4-stroke horizontal OHV motor and downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm. Motopeds are street legal in most states as a motorized bicycle and can be easily modified for more speed and power to your liking.

Why a Motoped?

Fun to ride / Affordable / Excellent Gas Mileage (90-120 mpg) / Environmentally Friendly 4-Stroke Motor / Very Quiet / Low Cost Transportation / Minimal Maintenance

Responsive Design

The Motoped has a patented system (patent 7,753157) that combines the engine drive with the pedal drive through a jack-shaft located in the swing-arm pivot. This means that the rear wheel drive chain is not loosening and tightening as the rear suspension travels through its arc. Also, this allows for one chain going to the rear wheel unlike most motorized bikes that use two chains to the rear wheel.

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